Accelerate your time-to-market finding the best engineers in 3 steps and 5 minutes:
1) Tell us the requirements for the future team, about the technologies you use or will use in your startup and what methodology you would like to use.
2) Choose the relevant CV-s from the list you will receive from our consultant.
3) Schedule a video interview with selected candidates.

Supercharge your startup with:
1) Double efficiency thanks to Videal`s experience in your business domain and technology stack.
2) Easy communication. Every engineer in our company speaks English fluently.
3) Virtual collaboration. You work with your team like you are in the same room.
4) 1 month of free warranty for bug fixing. You do not pay for 10% of the time of hired engineer, he spends this time for fixing bugs and issues.
5) Front team support and consultancy. In case of any problems, you could always talk or meet with Videal front team which is located in the US.
6) 24/7 consultancy support and bug fixing. You could contact the engineer any time for hot fix.