The principal approach of Videal goes not to jump right in to defining the scope of the project. The commercial success of any product is only possible after a careful study of the concept has been made. It is important to begin with a thorough analysis of the problem and conduct research into competing solutions on the market. Both understanding the project history and foreseeing the finished product appeal to prevent the project from any costly repeated work. Uncovering all business needs early before

Uncovering all business needs early before scope is defined saves time and money, defines precise objectives sets. A go-forward concept of the project is obtained from the clear statement of scope in a way that anyone from the project team can envision the implementation. Сoncise and actionable requirements complete the scope of the project and clarify the solution to be realized. 

As a result, an effective functional description is obtained and a documented vision of the future product is created. At Videal you can count on highly qualified analysts with experience in various business segments who are able to suggest optimal solutions to the problem. The result of this step is a documented product concept.