Amazon Web Services provides a comprehensive set of services for building and hosting next-generation applications and their associated data. But with this capability comes complexity, as there is a huge variety of ways AWS can be used, and many organizations can not set their environments properly. This creates unnecessary manual effort, potential operational risks, and unnecessary cloud spends.
Videal is certified AWS Technology Partner, our experienced dev-ops team can help to control a usage of the environment, create visibility across all services, and optimize your AWS costs in the cloud.
Any cloud solution requires ongoing analysis, continuous monitoring and optimization to ensure that you are not overspending and yet not compromising on performance. Videal, being an operational expense optimization services provider has helped numerous organizations analyze their AWS cloud expenses and helped ensure that they pay only for what is required. We can help with moving your existing infrastructure to the cloud or come in to assess and monitor your cloud deployment and then optimize your cloud investments.

Our expertise:

  • External audit of the workflow process in AWS.
  • Recommendations on using instances and HDD based on the workflow.
  • AWS Cloud: S3, EMR, EC2, EBS.
  • Basic security check.
  • Basic cloud optimization.