Business Analysis

The principal approach of Videal goes not to jump right in to defining the scope of the project. The commercial success of any product is only possible after a careful study of the concept has been made. It is important to begin with a thorough analysis of the problem and conduct research into competing solutions on the market. Both understanding the project history and foreseeing the finished product appeal to prevent the project from any costly repeated work. Uncovering all business needs early before

Uncovering all business needs early before scope is defined saves time and money, defines precise objectives sets. A go-forward concept of the project is obtained from the clear statement of scope in a way that anyone from the project team can envision the implementation. Сoncise and actionable requirements complete the scope of the project and clarify the solution to be realized. 

As a result, an effective functional description is obtained and a documented vision of the future product is created. At Videal you can count on highly qualified analysts with experience in various business segments who are able to suggest optimal solutions to the problem. The result of this step is a documented product concept.


Data Mining

Web Scraping, Web Crawling, and Data Extraction Services for Enterprises, SMB, and Startups.
Web Crawling is extraction of useful information from web pages to a machine readable format. Our Web Crawling services give you the ability to extract data from any website, file, document, or message from the Internet/Intranet. This technique gives your business the distinct advantage of getting information on the relevant and latest industry trends and insights. Our 8 years expertise working with eCommerce, Transportation, Automotive and Pharmacy industries gives us the ability to deliver customized Big Data processing solutions with a speed and accuracy that corresponds the requirements of our clients.

Using our data mining services you will get:

  • Fully managed service;
  • Dedicated team for customer support;
  • Every aspect of the web crawling project is customizable;
  • Automated and manual layers of monitoring to detect website changes;
  • Setting up infrastructure which can handle websites crawling of any complexity;
  • Ready-to-use clean and structured data.

We have expertise in following types of Web Crawling:

1. Pricing intelligence.
We provide you access to the price data from your competitors’ product catalogues can be the fastest shortcut to eCommerce success. With our low latency crawls, you can get price data from any eCommerce portal on the web in near-real time. The price data can be used to fine tune your own catalogs so as to have an edge in the competition. Price crawling can also be used to build your price comparison website.
2. Market research.
Market research typically requires a large amount of data from hundreds of websites to derive sound insights. We can set up crawlers for any number of sites you need data from to fuel your market research projects.
3. Cataloging.
If your eCommerce portals has a huge number of products, it can be difficult to update and maintain product descriptions and images. We can extract product data from OEM websites and eCommerce portals to help you with cataloging. Cataloging also helps you discover new categories that you can tap into while giving you all the data you need to build your eCommerce catalogs.
4. Fueling Job boards.
If you’re looking to extract job postings data from job boards and company websites, our crawlers can get this data from these websites according to the frequency specified by you. This job data can be used for keeping your job board up-to-date with fresh job listings.
5. Brand monitoring.
Brand monitoring is now a crucial tool for maintaining a good customer experience. With web crawling, companies can monitor their online presence by tracking customer grievances which can be resolved in-time to maintain a positive brand image.


Extract-Transform-Load(ETL) as a service

Your data, delivered your way. No matter how complicated your challenges are, our data integration expertise guarantees data accuracy in the exact format you need. Videal streamlines your organization's data and information flows, optimizing existing processes and integrating various data sources. Our expert consulting service enables your organization to adopt the best in class data integration technologies and solutions to drive tangible business outcomes.

Key features:

  • Define a roadmap to achieve the integration strategy;
  • Design of custom integrations between cloud and on-premise environments;
  • Project Management & Team experienced integration and data experts;
  • Data Quality Assessment and Improvement;
  • Data anonymization;
  • Quality metrics services;
  • Data migration;
  • Agile Delivery - Focused on user needs;
  • AWS professionals.

ETL flow:

  • Analyze, design, develop, and build custom ETL and data integration solutions that corresponds industry standards and best practices.
  • Extract data from multiple source formats, including Relational Databases, XML, Flat Files, Information Management Systems (IMS) through API, Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM), and Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM).
  • Clean extracted data to ensure data integrity and eliminate so-called “dirty data.”
  • Load transformed data into a customized data warehouse (EDW) in a manner that aligns with the client’s specific data storage needs.
  • Develop data warehouse structures and transformation logic from scratch.
  • Tune and modify existing workflows if needed.
  • Provide ongoing support and troubleshooting.

Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Amazon Web Services provides a comprehensive set of services for building and hosting next-generation applications and their associated data. But with this capability comes complexity, as there is a huge variety of ways AWS can be used, and many organizations can not set their environments properly. This creates unnecessary manual effort, potential operational risks, and unnecessary cloud spends.
Videal is certified AWS Technology Partner, our experienced dev-ops team can help to control a usage of the environment, create visibility across all services, and optimize your AWS costs in the cloud.
Any cloud solution requires ongoing analysis, continuous monitoring and optimization to ensure that you are not overspending and yet not compromising on performance. Videal, being an operational expense optimization services provider has helped numerous organizations analyze their AWS cloud expenses and helped ensure that they pay only for what is required. We can help with moving your existing infrastructure to the cloud or come in to assess and monitor your cloud deployment and then optimize your cloud investments.

Our expertise:

  • External audit of the workflow process in AWS.
  • Recommendations on using instances and HDD based on the workflow.
  • AWS Cloud: S3, EMR, EC2, EBS.
  • Basic security check.
  • Basic cloud optimization.