Engineering teams for startups

Accelerate your time-to-market finding the best engineers in 3 steps and 5 minutes:
1) Tell us the requirements for the future team, about the technologies you use or will use in your startup and what methodology you would like to use.
2) Choose the relevant CV-s from the list you will receive from our consultant.
3) Schedule a video interview with selected candidates.

Supercharge your startup with:
1) Double efficiency thanks to Videal`s experience in your business domain and technology stack.
2) Easy communication. Every engineer in our company speaks English fluently.
3) Virtual collaboration. You work with your team like you are in the same room.
4) 1 month of free warranty for bug fixing. You do not pay for 10% of the time of hired engineer, he spends this time for fixing bugs and issues.
5) Front team support and consultancy. In case of any problems, you could always talk or meet with Videal front team which is located in the US.
6) 24/7 consultancy support and bug fixing. You could contact the engineer any time for hot fix.

Business Analysis

The principal approach of Videal goes not to jump right in to defining the scope of the project. The commercial success of any product is only possible after a careful study of the concept has been made. It is important to begin with a thorough analysis of the problem and conduct research into competing solutions on the market. Both understanding the project history and foreseeing the finished product appeal to prevent the project from any costly repeated work. Uncovering all business needs early before

Uncovering all business needs early before scope is defined saves time and money, defines precise objectives sets. A go-forward concept of the project is obtained from the clear statement of scope in a way that anyone from the project team can envision the implementation. Сoncise and actionable requirements complete the scope of the project and clarify the solution to be realized. 

As a result, an effective functional description is obtained and a documented vision of the future product is created. At Videal you can count on highly qualified analysts with experience in various business segments who are able to suggest optimal solutions to the problem. The result of this step is a documented product concept.


Tech Consulting/Advising

Normally business founders need a technical advisor, especially at the early stages of launching a company. In case you have gaps of your competency in the areas of using the right technology or planning beyond the MVP or next version, you can engage easily our professional technical consulting.

A part-time CTO or a strategic technical advisor will greatly reduce the chance of increasing the budget.

Consultancy on the choice of technical solution and its development is given only after the product concept has been defined. Taking into account the budget, time limits and other constraints (scaling, reliability, security), we design a prototype and suggest the most appropriate product architecture. The result of this step is the product specification document.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance processes start before any code is written and touch every part of a product lifecycle, including requirements analysis, formation of the acceptance criteria and test cases. In the final stage of product development, compliance with the agreed requirements and specifications is verified. The client receives a finished product of high quality that has been tailored specifically to solve pre-defined critical business problems.

MVP for startups

Videal is focused on helping new companies start less risky and much easier and raise larger investment rounds. Basing on the sate-of-the-art method of lean startup you will get a Minimum Viable Product that delivers customer value. Your MVP will have all necessary features that allow you to launch a product/service. You will be able to receive feedback or even the first benefit from early adopters and at onсe to test your idea.