Corporate Systems


Our experience includes creation of complex ERP systems for production management, supply chain, finance, accounting and general company management.



More than 60% of Internet users shop online. Videal specializes in consultancy and the design, development and integration of online stores and retail mobile applications.

SEO and Content Analysis


Videal has many years of experience in the development of automatic analytical systems of financial statements. In addition, we can provide support for the successful promotion of your website.

Media and Publishing


Nowadays a clear trend can be seen to move all media to the Internet. We help our clients design media websites and mobile applications of any complexity.

Telecommunications: Video and Teleconferencing


Our clients gain a competitive advantage in the distribution of media content thanks to the experience of Videal's professionals in streaming audio and video content from mobile devices.

Social Networks


We design and develop scalable, highly loaded systems that can work with millions of users, provide integration of external services, and create extensions to existing systems.

Email marketing


Mass mailing solutions available for entrepreneurs needs are: 

  • custom-tailored embedded modules for sending emails and messages
  • created from the sketch high-end systems with a set of modules to make them your specific industry relevant



The development of game services such as online poker is a logically complex task and the solution serves a large number of concurrent users. Such skills are included in the scope of our competence.



Data mining and decision-making systems, web crawling solutions are provided for data processing with strong analytical tools set in the financial sphere.