LocalBlox is a technology company that builds highly-scalable neighborhood platforms, aggregating 27M+ business profiles with rich meta data, millions of active events, crime incidents, neighbor profiles and news from thousands of sources — all updated and augmented real-time and mapped into 112K neighborhoods.

LocalBlox provides businesses with the tools to create and syndicate events and rich profiles at their local stores through a disruptive mobile platform driven by its big data engine. LocalBlox is built on the idea that platform technologies, tools, and crowds can have a direct, positive impact on where people live and work.


VIDEAL has been instrumental in several of our projects. These include complex projects spanning companies from startups to Fortune 500 companies. They have handled tough challenges in terms of design, development and sustained engineering across a wide variety of tools, platforms and technologies. It has been a great pleasure working with engineers from VIDEAL!

Sabira ArefinCEO at LocalBlox
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