Elastic.io Hybrid Integration Platform will help you reduce time-to-market of your integration projects from weeks to several hours. You can save up-to 80% on development and maintenance costs of your integrations be that for Cloud, IoT or Mobile projects.


We met with Videal by the beginning of 2014. By that time, we had an urgent need of qualified software development resources and decided to use outsourcing. Videal helped us to extend our core engineering team with highly motivated and experienced developers and in 2 weeks we made a kick-off. They consulted and helped us to build an efficient remote cooperation, and participated in architecture design of the system and its implementation as well. I also want to thank for their help with a further extension of our team, education of new members, knowledge sharing and support kind of work.  Finally, I can describe Videal as a flexible and reliable outsourcing partner and want to recommend them to everyone who has never tried outsourcing model before and is in urgent need in qualified software engineers.

Igor DrobiazkoCTO at Elastic
The right people.