Universal enterprise mobile platform (UEMP)

DSI enables companies to mobilize business processes with the pre-built ERP software.

ERP • Enterprise • WEB • Mobile • IDE


Briefly, the main idea of the software product have to be formulated as a complex solution for extending ERP systems with mobile front-end.


Motivated by the new tech challenge we started to develop and thus UEMP software has:
- server side which contains main server endpoint, web administration purpose client and several agents
- client side which contains numerous clients (Trancollectors) for all the range of supported platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile, Web, Telnet, AIM)
Management Portal (MP) is used for:
- setting up users and their roles, organization units etc.
- creating scripts/forms/other program units with Script Workbench
- setting up connections to different DBMS
- setting up interfaces (connectors) for ERP system side
Once all the specific goals/resources of any Enterprise are set up, this Enterprise obtain at once all the range of mobile platforms as a client side w/o any change to it (i.e. provider encapsulates all the work of synchronizing DB instances (for thick clients), scripts, resources etc. to client side, and synchronizing user interaction back to the server side/ERP system).


UEMP has become a full addition to complete any ERP system. It's a flexible adaptable mobile version of ERP. To develop new ERPs for customers is not necessary more.

Key features of the system:

• Web-driven ASP .NET Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
• Built-in publishing/version control system in IDE
• Actual programming to the platform is performed by simple UI-driven dragging, connecting and tuning of blocks, each of them is in charge of high-level business logic patterns (emailing, printing, CC/PayPal payments, geolocation etc).
• Deployment of DSI platform applications to every mobile device is managed by DSI system automatically, i.e. once DSI Mobile Client application is deployed to any device, no more deployment ever needed (for uploading/synchronizing application and local databases, etc)
• DSI platform supports connectors to any of the widely-spread ERPs, namely SAP, OFC/Oracle, E1Xml/E1Web etc.
• DSI platform supports connectors to any of the widely-spread enterprise DBMS, namely Oracle, SQL Server etc.
• DSI server-side architecture is based on WCF and thus has an infinite scalability