TriggMine: automated system that returns 30% of clients in online shops

A high-end trigger-based email marketing service that performs behavioral analysis of a buyer in the internet store and sends email marketing messages.

eCommerce • Mass mailing • Messaging • Analytics • Reactive Marketing


A business idea was to help e-commerce owners to turn abandoned shopping carts and rise sales. Hence, we evolved the idea into a high-loaded email marketing service developed from the scratch.


TriggMine is appealed to solve one of the most frustrating aspects of the internet stores - turning abandoned shopping carts. The system is designed using the latest cloud technologies (Microsoft Azure) that gives significant performance improvement. This trigger-based email marketing service makes its revenue through subscriptions. Unlimited scalability of the system compared with a behavioral analysis of a buyer in the online store makes this project unexpendable. An auto testing solution implemented by Videal saves $2000+ monthly.




A unique behavioral tracker is capable of applying an individual logic to every online customer in every online shop. Online estimation ROI shows benefits of the system immediately. The unlimited scalability of the startup is particularly suited for very high load systems. One of the fascinating solutions of the services is a feature that allows to track the actions of every customer who comes to the online shop where it is integrated. TriggMine is capable of processing 50 000 000 carts per minute. By subscribing 500 clients with min rate of $95, the revenue can be about $50 000 monthly.

Key features of the system:

• Mailing scenarios for abandoned, canceled and completed carts
• Customizable series of letters for each scenario
• Ready to integrate plug-ins for the most popular online stores
• Hosting of template and images, editing and storage tools
• Statistics gathering, as well as instruments of its viewing and reporting
• JSON API for integration, documentation and development tools and debugging



I`m very happy to work with Videal as they have a great experience in software development of high loaded products with a support of a large number of users. We came to Videal with a business idea and they expanded it making a very high quality business analysis, also developed and have been supporting the whole system. I would recommend Videal as full-cycle it services company to everyone.

Maxim SolovyovCEO at TriggMine