UniSender: The most popular mass mailing service in Eastern Europe

In 2009, this project was transformed to become an advertising and marketing service available for commercial use.

eCommerce • Mass mailing • Messaging • Analytics • Reactive Marketing


UniSender's goal is to become an industry leader in providing a unique and convenient service for broadcasting of electronic messages. The system performed slowly, only 1 00 000 emails of customers could be sent per hour. The subsystem of sending messages in UniSender did not meet requirements of unlimited scalability and functionality. The unfriendly customer environment and old unproductive technologies used didn't attract new clients. There were required the urgent measures to relaunch a startup making it profitable.


The unfriendly customer environment has been replaced by a modern responsive design. A JS application of a template editor allowed to carry out fewer actions and to create a letter as easy as a pie. Implemented Drag-and-Drop technology combined elements in blocks. A friendly user interface with short help messages was implemented to make the service more informative. Sending capability of the system increased up tp 480 times due to the implementation of a scalable cutting edge technology. The system can process an unlimited quantity of clients if necessary. Therefore, the number of earnings can grow up infinitely.




A unique behavioral tracker is capable of applying an individual logic to every online customer in every online shop. Online estimation ROI shows benefits of the system immediately. The unlimited scalability of the startup is particularly suited for very high load systems. 

One of the fascinating solutions of the services is a feature that allows to track the actions of every customer who comes to the online shop where it is integrated. TriggMine is capable of processing 50 000 000 carts per minute. By subscribing 500 clients with min rate of $95, the revenue can be about $50 000 monthly.

 Key features of the system:

• Mailing scenarios for abandoned, canceled and completed carts
• Customizable series of letters for each scenario
• Ready to integrate plug-ins for the most popular online stores
• Hosting of template and images, editing and storage tools
• Statistics gathering, as well as instruments of its viewing and reporting
• JSON API for integration, documentation and development tools and debugging


Videal has been made a significant level up of our business. They have build completely new graphic design and usability, also All this allows us to get a lot of new customers and increase a turnover and revenue of the company. Many thanks to Videal team, they are really great! I would highly recommend Videal to everyone who needs such experienced professionals.

Igor SolovyovCEO at UniSender