Must-Have marketing tool

Events tailored mobile application for Windows tablets

Mobile • Marketing • Media • Entertainment


The task was assigned to design and implement a mobile application to impact the crowd face-to-face. Sharing hot captured pictures people can distribute their emotions and form positive impression about the brand.


Being experienced in marketing and entertainment industry Videal team has settled down to it with a great enthusiasm. An ultimate aim was to find a solution that is reminiscent of the old transparent phone booth but adds a contemporary twist with the marvels of hi-tech components.



SocialBox is an application that is designed for an interactive portable photo-video studio that is placed on the different event as a marketing and entertainment tool. The application is compatible with a desktop and a tablet mode. It allows the user to take a picture, print it immediately, upload it to Facebook or Twitter and share with friends. Must-Have interactive tool of any marketing campaign to elevate it. SocialBox software solution enables to survey while recording audio and video of a respondent. It's a brand new way of collecting surveys' data in a light communicative style. This universal marketing tool can engage a crowd to any brand to be promoted.

Key features of the system:

  • Survey data gaining (access to user social media data: name, phone number, email, gender)
  • Live audio and video streaming
  • Express photo printing
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Live feed and Live screen feed
  • Augmented Reality


After extensive market research of numerous software development companies across the globe, we concluded that Videal was the right choice for our needs. In short order we realized that Videal is not just a company that delivers a quality product, on time and with great customer service, but also strives to go above and beyond to accommodate our needs, even in times when our needs seemed nearly impossible. The team is professional, creative, and pleasant to work with; versatile in their abilities and very flexible. We are extremely happy with Videal and currently transferred all of our ongoing developing needs to them.

Itai PeerCEO at SocialBox