Sibyl Vision

Automated and reported analytical service for market-educated decisions

Analytics • Social Media


Short 140-character messages came into our life and impacted a lot. A call to analyze them has arisen. We were requested to help a startup at its early stage to develop a tool set enabled to monitor a customer social media reputation.


Tools which monitor social media reputation, enable you to analyze your brand's social media identity, allowing you to make informed, data-driven decisions based on the expressed opinions of the Twitter universe. A suite of solutions is represented as alerting and reporting system, web application and custom narrow apps.




It is a patent-pending Twitter sentiment analysis tool. Sibyl Vision translates the positivity or negativity in the tweets about a brand into a numerical sentiment value, which is quickly and easily trackable over time. Sibyl Vision’s technology is a great way to monitor what people are saying about a brand real-time, all-the-time.

This toolset suits perfectly for various of PR and consulting companies, marketing and advertising agencies, political institutions, financial and media corporations etc. This is a paid service which analyzes tweets on defined keywords, detects the nature of messages (positive, negative, neutral) using NLP algorithms, gives statistical data related to adjusted topic as a result.

Key features of the system:

  • Creating, editing and deleting semantic core and topics via admin panel automatically
  • Metadata real-time reporting
  • Signals of buzz worthy topics
  • Identifying key influencers
  • Historical analysis
  • Monitoring topics based on discussion volume