Native iOS and Android educational mobile application for learners

Mobile • Education • Finance • Insurance


ExamFx is an Online Training company in the insurance and financial services industries that provides pre-licensing study materials and tests to prepare for their state licensing exams. To check the candidate’s knowledge after the period of preparation, it is suitable to use an application of a single industry.


As testing is a time-limited process, so the user want a program to accept an answer quickly. We have made an application capable to accept an answer implementing native technology solutions. A complex business logic combined with a simple intuitive UI allowed to pass quickly and start earning.



An application covers all topics included on the exam content outlines. Millions of learners can easily prepare for exams via mobile testing themselves step by step. Users all over the country became to obtain higher rates because the application is designed to operate answers quickly as much as possible. Thereby the highest concern is shown for employees who are passing. The application helps within a short time and qualitatively to train a candidate to be granted a license.

Key features of the system:

  • Context persistence
  • Intuitive interface
  • Works and looks great on any device and screen size
  • No network connection required for application functioning