Position Analyser

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The initial scope was poor and unhandy. SEO is a vital part of any online marketing strategy. It is essential to constantly track, analyze and improve the efforts. Custom reports have to ground the marketing agency’s benefit and show pure results of website position relatively the rest of a list. In connection with that one of the most powerful marketing agencies in Ukraine kindly asked us to build an analyser of websites positions.


It has been implemented by using classic Microsoft SOA architecture/patterns and Microsoft technologies stack. The system supports users, roles, permission, projects, reports and other entities and modules.


Internet Analyzer is a corporate (intranet) client-server system that requests commercial information from search engines, collects it on a centralized storage (DB + DAL service), analyzes statistics and creates reports. Due to the auto search it is possible now to create a semantic core by itself. Before inquiring an agency encountered a difficulty proving its customers results of work carried out. Now the system reports subject to a period under review, a list of semantic core, a range of the website. The database of automatically generated reports and analytics operates giving valuable insights into website’s visitors and the demand-driven user search activity. It has never been so easy to undercut competitors!

Key features of the system:

  • Custom reports saving
  • Tracking system of website range by semantic core
  • Push-one-button showing positions of semantic core
  • Automated data gathering
  • Statistics module