Mitten: MVP that earns

Customer oriented CRM & data platform for beauty salons

Cloud CRM system • Retail • SaaS • Beauty • Web App


This project was started after a round of seed investments. Initial goals were:
• technology consulting and advising at the early start-up stage
• MVP to test the idea, get initial customer feedback and start earning
• a fully-working MVP to get ready for the 1-st round of investments
• great UI usability
• salon calendar features for scheduling customer visits, same as most salons use for their existing business processes


We have done the following:
• a user-friendly intuitive UI which is easy to be learnt by a common beauty salon manager
• implemented employee’s data card
• improved customer-base modules
• implemented notifications about upcoming events
• implemented customer newsletter filters
• implemented basic service, sales, customer and product analytics


• deep technological consulting and advising at the early stage of start-up company launch
• MVP which is currently used in 5 countries providing initial customers feedback on the idea
• this start-up already makes profit as a SaaS solution
• a real opportunity to present this product to investors and get the second level of funding

Key features of the system:

• beauty salon manager’s work automation 
• customers and managers accounting
• salon workers working day scheduling and task planning