social streaming

Cross platform mobile application to power the social streaming.

Media and Publishing • Media processing • Advertisement • Telecommunications (Audio/Video Streaming) • Media processing • Social Network


To develop a сonvenient multifunctional platfom to interact directly with celebrities.


This project involves the development of proprietary technology of streaming video in live time from iOS and Android devices (analog of Skype technology components), using high technologies of data transmission and multimedia information coding (RTSP, RMTP, x264, Wowza, etc). To develop a social network and a cross-platform mobile app providing a live broadcasting solution.



Value for a customer: a live broadcasting solution allows to involve plenty of celebrities’ fans, to please users with inspirational videos in real-time. This online community where users can upload exclusive content, share videos with friends, network with other broadcasters. In fact, MeetOn is a social network for sharing video and broadcasting personal video as a means of communicating with American celebrities.

Key features of the system:

- sales of multimedia content;
- possibility to establish a direct dialog with celebrities (a chat or video conference in real-time)
- excellent marketing solution to provoke interest in fans and grow up sales