The Global Newsletter & RSS Feed Search Engine

Fuuzle is the gateway to a world of information.

Big Data • Search engine • Data Mining • Advertising Platform • Mobile App • Mass Mailing • Data Alerts • Web crawling


At the very beginning, the idea was to create a search engine of fresh and relevant news distributed through RSS feeds and newsletters.


Hence the idea has been evolved into a Global newsletter and RSS distributed search engine and Alerting service developed from the scratch. This engine was designed to crawl internet for newsletter subscriptions and RSS feeds automatically. Moreover it is integrated with Google Alerts-like and AdWords-like services and supports content translating functionality. It has embedded analytics of user activities.

1. Extracted news: search engine results are not initial web site in contrast to already known search engines, but only selected content of newsletters subscriptions updated. Search engine only displays content relevant to use
2. Search is performed in a common language space. That means the search engine results will be obtained in the user language.



Fuuzle delivers sorted newsletters and RSS subscription updates in a comfortable way within 1 second instead of searching sites and blogs manually. Readability turns any web page into a clean view for reading now or later on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The multilingual search allows to translate from 39 to 26 popular languages.

Business value covers:
1. A highly-scalable alerts email triggering system automatically balances search requests with priorities and manages building and sending alerts emails with the help of any emails sending API.
2. A distributed high-performance emails sending SaaS module performs over 250 emails sending per second per process (1000-2000 emails per second on ordinary hardware).
3. A scalable smart document search engine allows to keep in the index over hundreds of millions of documents and handle over 1500 search requests per second. Indexing performance is over 1200 documents per second in average (for newsletters and RSS stuff).

Key features of the system:

- Email processor is capable of over 600 emails processing per second
- RSS scanner is able to add up to 1000 new data items and cycle through over 5000 of feed sources per minute
- Websites on over 50 languages can be processed
- Newsletter subscription module is capable to find correct subscription form in 50-80% cases
- Able to subscribe automatically to newsletters and process incoming newsletters


We were seeking for a reliable partner long time inquiring the leaders of IT outsourcing in Ukraine. No one could say whether they can do a project. And only Videal undertook it and helped us providing a detailed consultation. Designed and launched a serial of prototypes short time later we could proof of concept and be granted by Videal a professional estimation to complete beta version. Due to a proactive style of cooperation, professional approach to work with a global mindset and a high level of specialists we turned out well to deploy a beta version before long and raise a new round of investments I thank Videal for. We’re very thankful that Videal has been kind enough to help us. They are rockstar developers who are able to bring an idea to life.

Klaas BeuteCEO at Fuuzle