Integration Platform
Integration is easier, faster and more effectively

An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for cloud-based application vendors to connect APIs from various SaaS services with each other.

SaaS • Integration Platform • iPaaS • Web Enterprise • eCommerce


Fresh startup, two young entrepreneurs, a competitive innovation-driven idea and an acute need of experienced software professionals to develop the project.
Stayed under developing platform with a lack of logic and important modules Elastic.io needed to become a potent instrument meeting requirements of the market. It is an Integration Platform, which automates a process of import and export data from and to different systems such as Salesforce, LinkedIn, Google Contacts Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


The project was decided as an Integration Platform as a Service interacted in real-time with cloud-based applications and on-premise legacy applications. It explains its permanent augmentation of new modules. An architecture was designed component-based to be easily extendable, and message-based to be scalable to multiple servers. Elastic.io API were extended to integrate them into websites as a service. A set of “synchronization chains”, which extracts and synchronizes data and files within a short period of time and doesn't require additional actions are available for users to create. This newly created a set of “chains” significantly automates and simplifies user's work.



It provides a simple data and files synchronization within a short period of time. Offering new, exciting opportunities to use already existing systems in a new, unique complex in order to get more benefit, the platform could be used both for the business area and for personal needs. A business value of the project consists in the automated data transfer, which saves end user's time and prevents him from doubling/repetition of the action. It is a set of required modules easily integrated with any web application operated on a “pay per use” billing model. The platform is ready to be perceptive on the consumer's market for enterprises, online shops and any performed high load service with an option to avoid purchasing expensive services by using already existing instead.

Key features of the system:

- Message-oriented architecture (scalable)
- Component-oriented architecture (easily extendable)
- Test-driven development (90% coverage of code by tests)
- Supports integration with modules written in other programming languages (Java, Python, Php, etc.)
- Ready to be integrated with any web application
- API for widget integration into the websites