Bud Light
Mobile app for a global beer brand ads campaign

Bud Light Music First is a mobile application developed as part of an advertising campaign of a global beer brand Budweiser, conducted throughout the United States during the summer of 2013.

Mobile App • Advertisement • Publishing


To create a mobile app for the Budweiser summer advertising campaign which is able to bring fans and artists together, allow to interact easy and promote the brand.


The application allowed a user to scan bar codes that were specially marked on the packaging of Budweiser beer and then to open a virtual bottle of beer and saw the inscription on its cover.



The initiator of the action held more than 50 music concerts in the USA largest cities and allowed everyone, who has reached the age of 21, to take part in marketing promotions using mobile applications. Budweiser has attracted millions of Bud fans and raised sales. The popularity of the brand has jumped up as it justified adherents' trust.

Key features of the system:

• authenticate to the system by means of email or Facebook account;
• scan the QR-code, printed on bottles of Bud Light beer;
• open an animated bottle of beer in a playful way;
• see all the prizes there were won ASICs and make an request to receive a prize;
• share the achievements by posting messages on users' wall on Facebook