System Administrator

System Administrator

Design, implement, secure and maintain computer systems for development, test and production environments
Develop and oversee backup, clustering, replication, and failover strategies
Ability to effectively problem solve and analyze a variety of problems
Supporting databases, network, park of computers

Soft skills:
We seek for a mirror mind people who will share our mission, philosophy, values and will continue to grow along with our company for years. Candidate should be a process-oriented, strong logical thinking, high accuracy person with a pro-active mindset, a desire and ability of permanent professional growth, also with the ability to analyze, process and classify an information and paying attention to details.

Professional skills:
1+ years of professional experience in support of Microsoft Windows and Linux servers.
Understanding of web application architecture including TCP/IP and HTTP
Experience with MySQL
Knowledge of DHCP, Bind, Iptables, OpenVPN
Experience with KVM
Experience with Git, SVN
speaking/writing English level with the abilities to present his own ideas and opinion, give arguments, listen and understand the requirements and needs

Be a plus:
Basic knowledge of Bash or Python
Experience using Zabbix
Experience using Proxmox

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