Senior Legend Java engineer

Senior Legend Java engineer

World’s Most Comprehensive Cross-Device Identity big data on Businesses, Consumers and Geo Audiences. When the number of records counts hundreds of billions and datasets are terabytes on dozens of instances, every optimization counts — either performance, or cost, or disk space, or stability & backups — everything is critical.


  • minimum 3 years of commercial Java experience;
  • strong knowledge of Java core;
  • deep knowledge of SQL (MySQL);
  • strong knowledge of Spring framework;
  • working experience and good knowledge of Solr/Elasticsearch;
  • knowledge of Hadoop related technologies (HDFS, HBase, MR, Spark);
  • knowledge of Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, EMR);
  • experience with Git/SVN;
  • profiling, debugging and troubleshooting experience;
  • knowledge of Linux based platforms;
  • team player and experience of working with a US client;
  • ability to quickly and independently understand the specifications and documentation of the project;
  • intermediate English.

Nice to have

  • experience in implementation of JUnit/Integration tests;
  • experience with Groovy and Grails;
  • experience with NoSQL/key-value databases/stores;
  • experience in designing and consuming REST APIs;
  • decency;
  • tracking customer requests, wishes and feedback;
  • understanding of what "long-term" project is, desire and ability to gradually make improvements in a project, without going into global change existing code;
  • a desire and ability of self-growth and self-education: new programming languages, technologies, frameworks and tools;
  • high attention to details and accuracy;
  • pro-active approach of work in a mindset;
  • strong logical thinking. Skills and experience in algorithms writing;
  • ability to analyze, process, classify and structure information;
  • process oriented;
  • patience and tolerance, calmness.


  • design and implement ETL processes optimized for AWS EMR environment (Spark);
  • support current and implement new reports and visualizations;
  • design and maintain cost-efficient AWS infrastructure;
  • support and extend existent REST/SOAP APIs;
  • maintain and extend documentation for business;
  • communicate daily with the business owner in emails and Skype calls.


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