Senior Java engineer


Senior Java engineer

About the company

Onemata is trusted by people and businesses as their data and analytics partner for their derivative product development, marketing, sales, and recruitment teams.
We’ve harnessed the power of machine learning & data science to provide novel solutions to historic growth problems for enterprise, mid-market, and SMB’s.


• 5 years of commercial Java experience;
• strong knowledge of Java core;
• deep knowledge of SQL;
• knowledge of Hadoop related technologies (HDFS, HBase, EMR, Spark);
• knowledge of Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, EMR);
• experience with Git;
• profiling, debugging and troubleshooting experience;
• knowledge of Linux based platforms;
• intermediate+ English;
• team player and experience of working with a US client.

Nice to have

• strong knowledge of Spring framework;
• working experience and good knowledge of Solr/Elasticsearch;
• experience with Kafka;
• experience with NoSQL/key-value databases/stores (Redis);
• experience in microservices in Kubernetes;
• a desire and ability of self-growth and self-education: new programming languages (like Kotlin and Scala), technologies, frameworks, and tools;
• strong logical thinking. Skills and experience in algorithms writing;
• ability to analyze, process, classify and structure information (big data analysis);
• high attention to details and accuracy;
• proactive approach of work in a mindset;
• patience and tolerance, calmness and sense of humor.


• write Java code (Java 8) for custom Spark flows to structure and filter big data;
• write and support RESTful microservices in Java for further deployment as Docker containers in Kubenetes cluster on AWS;
• using Kafka for all microservies interactions;
• analyze big data for further Spark processing;
• maintain and extend documentation in Asciidoc;
• perform code (Java, Scala) review on GitHub.


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