Legend Front-end commander

Legend Front-end commander

Why and What we expect:

For the purpose of GetNugg (US-based startup) engineering team extension we need a Legend front-end commander, who will be able to show his talents in software architecture analytics(Angular.js 1), re-engineering (Angular.js 1, 2/React.js) and in-time delivery skills in a conditions of fast-changing environment of classic SV startup, and finally make the client happy.

Make a deep analysis of the existing software architecture ( front-end part)
Fix critical bugs in front-end part of the software using Angular 1.5 within strict timelines
Develop some functions from scratch using Angular 1.5 within strict timelines
Write source code with minimum defects
Do a testing of all developed functionality or develop automated tests
Commit code to GIT (tested on development stage and ready for test stage)
Generate re-engineering plan including new architecture of the front-end part of software
Communicate with client`s representative (CTO):
- introduction call: presentation and description of the system, project team,
- daily Scrum meetings on demand with client;
- Scrum iterations planning meetings with client.
Communicate with Videal`s project coordinator:
- status/progress meetings ( quality, timeliness, communication, clients satisfaction level);
- internal meetings.

Follow project work schedule: 09-50 - 19-00, 1-2 hour for break/lunch
Compile daily status reports in time tracking system about the work that has been done including spent hours for each task.
Give a feedback/propositions regarding new ideas and possible improvements of product/process to Videal project coordinator in a written form.

Professional growth (technologies):
- Create/update personal growth roadmap/plan/skill set
- Perform the activities from personal growth roadmap/plans (permanently)
- Report about the results of personal growth to his mentor
Professional growth (English):
- Create/update English learning roadmap/plan/skill set
- Perform the activities from English learning roadmap/plan
- Take English tests 1 time / Quarter

Company(nice to):
Knowledge sharing:
Give speeches inside and outside Videal (technologies, methodologies, approaches, tools etc)
Write articles on hot cutting edge front-end topics for Videal blog, develop source code samples and deploy it to corporate GIT

Soft skills:
We seek for a mirror mind people who will share our mission, philosophy, values and will continue to grow along with our company for years. Candidate should be a process-oriented, strong logical thinking, high accuracy person with a pro-active mindset, a desire and ability of permanent professional growth, also with the ability to analyze, process and classify an information and pay attention to details. The candidate should have at least intermediate speaking/writing English level with the abilities to present his own ideas and opinion, give arguments, listen and understand the requirements and needs of a client correctly during the communication.

Professional skills:
1) 3 years of JavaScript, TypeScript experience.
2) Knowledge and experience of Angular.js 1.x, 2, 4
3) Knowledge and experience of React.js
4) Refactoring experience
5) Effective work with Git
6) NIX systems at the level of the average user
7) Ability and passion of writing a high-quality code, creating a quality product with a minimum of defects
8) Ability to follow source code standards
9) Understanding of what "long-term" project is, desire and ability to gradually make improvements in a project, without going into global change existing code

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