DevOps Master


DevOps Master

About the company:

    Videal was founded in mid-2007 by one software engineer with sales & marketing skills and one talented lead engineer from Kharkiv, Ukraine. We have been walked a long way from working on small consulting projects from freelance websites to building many years successful cooperation in a field of custom software engineering with world-known startups and product companies such as,,,,,,,,,, and others. Videal successfully delivered over 50 mid-size and long-term projects to the clients from the US and Europe in such industries as: Marketing, eCommerce, FinTech, Logistics & Transportation, Email Marketing, Nutrition, Pharmacy. During the last five years, we transformed all our hard work, experience, and research efforts into the direction of working in Web and Big Data engineering niches, also focused on team extension for product companies. Nowadays, we are proud to say that Videal - is a team of TOP-rated Big Data engineering monsters!

Why and What we expect:

    For a purpose of automation of development operations in several revolutionary software product companies(Videal` clients), we are looking for a DevOps Master, who loves to make things work, bits and bytes flying in right directions :) and make a life of engineers and customer easier!


Support several small and mid size development teams with multiple AWS accounts and instances in different regions:

  • Set up and configure EC2 Linux machines and related packages (Docker, Java, PHP, node.js, Databases, etc.)
  • Set up virtual private network and secure access in AWS
  • Set up monitoring and resolve incidents (out of space, out of memory, certificates expiration, etc.)
  • Set up and manage products AWS (Amazon ES, EC2, ELB, S3, EMR, etc.)
  • Write bash scripts and automate infrastructure routine actions
  • Use (where possible) Infrastructure as a Code tools (AWS Cloud​Formation, Terraform, etc.)
  • Set up and maintain CI/CD tools (Jenkins, etc)

AWS accounts cost optimization:

  • Always think how to solve the task in the most cost-efficient way.
  • Propose actions to reduce infrastructure cost for existing accounts and implement them once it's approved
  • Follow all new AWS product announcements and suggest improvements to projects' infrastructures.
  • Study AWS products and related technologies (monitoring tools, log analysis tools, data bases, etc) to be able to help the team with configuration and improvements
  • Monitor and keep tracking on abnormal cost spikes to answer the question why it happened and what could be done to avoid that in future


  • On projects with a dedicated DevOps position (full -time or part-time) timely communicate with customer in emails in English.
  • In case of project infrastructure incident (going on or just resolved) participate in conf calls with customer biz or tech team.
  • Send planned maintenance email notifications.
  • Send emails on critical monitoring incidents' fix status (sometimes with the investigated possible reason).
  • Communicate with Videal team, pm: questions regarding modules requirements specification, get product knowledgebase, organization questions


  • Plan own work and maintenance time slots to avoid US business time over lapses (US safe hours 11 - 14 in summer and 10 - 13 in winter) as well as own/team member’s overtimes (normal office hours: 09-00(11-00) - 18-00(21-00), 1-2 hour for break/lunch).
  • Submit daily time reports in Redmine on the work done - spent hours for each task and comments (where possible).
  • Give a feedback/propositions regarding new ideas and possible improvements of product/process to Videal PM/techlead.

Videal internal(about 10% of work time):

Professional growth (technologies):

  • Create/update personal growth roadmap/plan/skill set
  • Perform the activities from personal growth roadmap/plans (permanently)
  • Report about the results of personal growth to his mentor

Professional growth (English):

  • Create/update English learning roadmap/plan/skill set
  • Perform the activities from English learning roadmap/plan
  • Take English tests 1 time / Quarter

Soft skills:

    We seek for a mirror mind people who will share our mission, philosophy, values and will continue to grow along with our company for long term period. Candidate should be a process-oriented, strong logical thinking, high accuracy person with a pro-active mindset, a desire and ability of permanent professional growth, also with ability to analyze, process and classify an information and pay attention to details. The candidate should have at least intermediate speaking/writing English level with the abilities to present his own ideas and opinion, give arguments, listen and understand the requirements and needs of a client correctly during the communication.

Professional skills:


  • Perfect knowledge of Linux based OS and network protocols (iptables, ssh, HTTP, FTP, mail, LDAP, Samba, etc)
  • Perfect knowledge of AWS products (Amazon ES, EC2, VPC, VPN/ssh tunnel, ELB, S3, EMR, IAM, and Security) and infrastructure
  • Experience with Docker
  • Any monitoring tools (DataDog, Nagios, CloudWatch, Zabbix, Ganglia, etc.)
  • Ability to write bash scripts and automate infrastructure routine actions, writing from scratch and modifying config files



  • Knowledge of any programming language, preferably Java.
  • Experience with Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash.
  • Experience with big data projects.
  • Knowledge of any Infrastructure as a Code tools (AWS Cloud​Formation, Terraform, etc.)
  • Experience with log analysis tools (Splunk, Papertrail, etc.)
  • Good understanding of managed and not managed NoSQL databases and key-value storages
  • Knowledge of Jenkins or any other CI/CD tools


Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of Azure and MS Server, IIS, MS SQL Server
  • Experience of the Hadoop related stack (HDFS, YARN, HBase, Spark)
  • Experience with Ansible

Conditions of work:

Our 500 m2 office is located in historical center of Kharkov (16 Korolenko str.,2 mins from metro station), has modern interior design, lot of sunshine because of a panoramic windows, 3 balconies, large comfortable kitchen/game zone and personal parking. You will get a cozy workdesk along with fast PC, 24inch monitor and high speed Internet/Wi-Fi.

Super bonuses:

  • Opportunity to become a part of our DREAM TEAM, enjoy the atmosphere and help the company in creating innovative software products.
  • Outstanding career and professional growth opportunities (opportunity to become a head of devops team)
  • Competitive salary, personal bonuses for excellent delivery and permanent professional growth
  • Paid sick leave and vacation
  • Annual schedule of corporate parties including pizza, sushi, drinks, birthday celebrations, games, bbq, quests, picnics.
  • Paid sport activities such as pin-pong and kicker (table soccer).
  • Corporate education programs, certification and participation in corporate knowledge sharing process.

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