DevOps engineer


DevOps engineer

Why and What we expect:

    For a purpose of automation of the development operations in several revolutionary software product (Videal` clients), we are looking for a DevOps engineer, who loves to make things work, bits and bytes flying in right directions and in a right way :).


Support several small and mid size development teams with multiple AWS accounts and instances in different regions:

  • Set up and configure EC2 Linux machines and related packages (Docker, Java, PHP, node.js, Databases, etc.)
  • Set up virtual private network and secure access in AWS
  • Set up monitoring and resolve incidents (out of space, out of memory, certificates expiration, etc.)
  • Set up and manage products AWS (Amazon ES, EC2, ELB, S3, EMR, etc.)
  • Write bash scripts and automate infrastructure routine actions
  • Use (where possible) Infrastructure as a Code tools (AWS Cloud​Formation, Terraform, etc.)
  • Set up and maintain CI/CD tools (Jenkins, etc)

AWS accounts cost optimization:

  • Always think how to solve the task in the most cost-efficient way.
  • Propose actions to reduce infrastructure cost for existing accounts and implement them once it's approved
  • Follow all new AWS product announcements and suggest improvements to projects' infrastructures.
  • Study AWS products and related technologies (monitoring tools, log analysis tools, data bases, etc) to be able to help the team with configuration and improvements
  • Monitor and keep tracking on abnormal cost spikes to answer the question why it happened and what could be done to avoid that in future


  • On projects with a dedicated DevOps position (full -time or part-time) timely communicate with customer in emails in English.
  • In case of project infrastructure incident (going on or just resolved) participate in conf calls with customer biz or tech team.
  • Send planned maintenance email notifications.
  • Send emails on critical monitoring incidents' fix status (sometimes with the investigated possible reason).
  • Communicate with Videal team, pm: questions regarding modules requirements specification, get product knowledgebase, organization questions


  • Plan own work and maintenance time slots to avoid US business time over lapses (US safe hours 11 - 14 in summer and 10 - 13 in winter) as well as own/team member’s overtimes (normal office hours: 09-00(11-00) - 18-00(21-00), 1-2 hour for break/lunch).
  • Submit daily time reports in Redmine on the work done - spent hours for each task and comments (where possible).
  • Give a feedback/propositions regarding new ideas and possible improvements of product/process to Videal PM/techlead.

Soft skills:

    We seek for a mirror mind people who will share our mission, philosophy, values and will continue to grow along with our company for long term period. Candidate should be a process-oriented, strong logical thinking, high accuracy person with a pro-active mindset, a desire and ability of permanent professional growth, also with ability to analyze, process and classify an information and pay attention to details. The candidate should have at least intermediate speaking/writing English level with the abilities to present his own ideas and opinion, give arguments, listen and understand the requirements and needs of a client correctly during the communication.

Professional skills:


  • Perfect knowledge of Linux based OS and network protocols (iptables, ssh, HTTP, FTP, mail, LDAP, Samba, etc)
  • Perfect knowledge of AWS products (Amazon ES, EC2, VPC, VPN/ssh tunnel, ELB, S3, EMR, IAM, and Security) and infrastructure
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with any of the following monitoring tools: DataDog, Nagios, CloudWatch, Zabbix, Ganglia, etc.
  • Ability to write bash scripts and automate infrastructure routine actions, writing from scratch and modifying config files

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of any programming language, preferably Java.
  • Experience with Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash.
  • Experience with big data projects.
  • Knowledge of any Infrastructure as a Code tools (AWS Cloud​Formation, Terraform, etc.)
  • Experience with log analysis tools (Splunk, Papertrail, etc.)
  • Good understanding of managed and not managed NoSQL databases and key-value storages
  • Knowledge of Jenkins or any other CI/CD tools
  • Knowledge of Azure and MS Server, IIS, MS SQL Server
  • Experience of the Hadoop related stack (HDFS, YARN, HBase, Spark)
  • Experience with Ansible

Conditions of work:

Our 400 m2 office is located in historical center of Kharkov (1 min from "Historical Museum" metro station), has modern interior design, lot of sunshine because of a panoramic windows, large comfortable kitchen/game zone and personal parking. You will get a cozy workdesk along with fast PC, 24inch monitor and high speed Internet/Wi-Fi.

Super bonuses:

  • Opportunity to become a part of our DREAM TEAM, enjoy the atmosphere and help the company in creating innovative software products.
  • Participation in the most revolutionary projects from Big Data tech niche;
  • Flexible working hours (40h a week without overtimes) and flexible work schedule (remote work is possible);
  • Outstanding career and professional growth opportunities (opportunity to become a head of devops team)
  • Competitive salary, personal bonuses for excellent delivery and permanent professional growth;
  • Comfortable office with kitchen, relax zone, open-air terrace;
  • Paid sick leaves, vacation day, and days off on childbirth, marriage;
  • Annual schedule of corporate events and parties including pizza, sushi, drinks, birthday celebrations, board games, bbq, quests, picnics;
  • 50% paid specialized courses and certifications;
  • Free English courses and Speaking Club;
  • Massage room;
  • Pin-pong table and Kicker;
  • Corporate education programs, certification and participation in corporate knowledge sharing process.

Please send your CV marked "DevOps engineer" in the subject via e-mail: and start your message from the text: "This is a nice start"

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