Data engineer

Data engineer

About the company

Established in 2007, Videal helps startups and companies in leveraging their data and workflows to get more business value by creating innovative Data mining, Big Data processing and analysis solutions. Videal's expertise and solutions help our clients to understand different aspects of customer’s behavior, decision making, processes optimization and any types of business intents.


About the project

Our client is a US based company that creates big-data powered opportunities for businesses to understand their consumer patterns and provide essential tools for boosting conversion rates with right data. The main aim of the system is creating a variety of efficient algorithms and pipelines for business intent search. The successful candidate will participate in data preparation from data engaging to data analysis, from web crawling to machine learning to create reports and API for marketing campaigns.



  • Proficiency in SQL;
  • Experience in Data Engineering using Spark/Java/Hadoop;
  • Understanding of data modeling and data warehousing concepts;
  • Hands-on experience with Java;
  • Understanding the principles of parallel processing;
  • Successful communication and interpersonal skills.
  • ETL development background.


Nice to have

  • Experience using Scala, Python, Groovy
  • Working experience with AWS Cloud;
  • Process orchestration software: Apache Airflow / Prefect / Dagster;
  • Serverless computation frameworks.


  • Analysis, Interpretation and Validation data sources.
  • Writing batch & stream data processing solutions, ETL processes, automated workflows on Spark, Java and Scala. 
  • Testing data pipelines and data quality using modern approaches. 

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