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5 tips to create a valuable ‪#‎MVP‬


1. Compose 3 sets of features. Firstly, identify the best USP of your product/service which will be realised in the first version either way, so-called “must have”, secondly “desirable to have” - less important functionality and the rest will be “nice to have” options to enrich the product later.

2. Define the top-class set of product functionality. It should contain almost everything you want to have in your /service product as features.

3. Choose technologies you might use and estimate the costs. If you don’t have any competence, request qualified third-party developers. Discuss technologies options with the developers taking into account scalability.

4. Revise the “must have” set, decorate it with “desirable to have” features if your budget allows. Finally, it is your workable MVP to come.

5. Find and hire the developer, web designer or a dev team best matching to your requirements. To save costs the most suitable business solution is outsourcing to professionals.

Extra tip
Remember that any lean startup is cheaper than more qualitative it is!

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We are arriving at CeBIT 2015 on 16-20th of March to fulfill your software wishes!


We are happy to announce Videal's participation in CeBIT - the world's leading computer expo and conference for IT professional users. Please come and meet us in Hall 6, Stand B50! Startup founders will find a tech support for their startups in our face: Prototype or MVP development for quick launch of a product to test it and attract investments. Companie's representatives will get a nearshore outsourcing partner to get an enterprise systems designed under their custom requirements.

We are arriving on 16-20th of March to fulfill your wishes!

To arrange a meeting, get a free consultation or request an estimation, please email us:

A few words about us

Videal is a software development company which helps startups and companies to increase the efficiency of their business by providing tech consulting and advising, research and business analysis, mobile and web applications development. Being expertized in Data Mining, Big Data, Web crawling, Mass Mailing, Web Enterprise, ERP+EDMS, CRM, SaaS/iPaaS, Analytics etc. we thrive on innovation and support our customers with ongoing support. We offer unique software solutions for the following business domains E-Commerce & Retail, E-Mail Marketing, Search Engines, Shipping Forwarding/Logistics, Decisions Making Systems for Finance, Social Network, Smart Home, Real Time Gaming, Video and Teleconferencing: Live Video Streaming, Media and Publishing.
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Videal Silicon Valley Opens Doors


The first Ukrainian Tech Gem Conference was held in a heart of Silicon Valley, in a place which breathes with innovations, startups and brilliant ideas. A vibrant must-attend event of this autumn in California U.T.Gem Conference was called to draw attention on the Ukrainian international technology power.

Due to Happy Farm and EBA more than 500 investors, mentors, business angels, mentors, tech innovative companies, IT advisors, startup accelerators were gathered in Hyatt Regency Hotel to share experience, start long term cooperation, and strengthen Ukrainian-American tech partnership.

The keynote speakers represented such companies as HP, Intel, Eleks, Innovecs, Jooble, 500Startups, AVenture, Venrock, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and many more. Mass media didn’t stay aside the event so that Nova Ukraine, Kyiv Post, Forbes representatives contributed to attracting the public attention to Ukraine.

California has become the center of Ukraine Tech motion just for one day on Sept. 18 in San-Francisco. All of the speakers were extremely proactive. Igor Shoifot, Anna Degtereva, Lev Holubec, Roman Kyzyk and many other guests of our booth were open to talking, and with pleasure checked their real dreams by The Softest Wear - a device that reads your thoughts.Videal’s hospitality allowed everybody to feel Ukraine far away from the Motherland.
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Since 2007 Videal provides outsourcing services by dedicated development teams for innovative startups in Europe and U.S. Having strong background in the business domains of big data mining and search, e-commerce, email marketing, logistical forwarding and finance we decided to help Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who have the lack of software engineers.

The meeting between U.S. business giants and their Ukraine’s peers held in a warm, cozy atmosphere. A magnificent table with Roshen sweets, Cossacks which aimed the main Videal’s values in a cooperation on the banner, and our solid, hearty team presented Kharkiv IT company Videal in a worthy manner. To show the patriotic spirit our delegation dressed Ukrainian national clothes vyshyvankas. But our passage even on the streets of San-Francisco was not unwatched.

Silicon Valley opened doors to Ukrainian IT gems. It was a great experience for Videal to take part in the U.T. Gem in the row with the worldwide known IT companies and progressive leaders.

Our country has everything from developing its strong future. And IT sector will become the very intellectual army of Ukraine on the way of its growth.

Let it be!

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