5 tips to create a valuable ‪#‎MVP‬

5 tips to create a valuable ‪#‎MVP‬


1. Compose 3 sets of features. Firstly, identify the best USP of your product/service which will be realised in the first version either way, so-called “must have”, secondly “desirable to have” - less important functionality and the rest will be “nice to have” options to enrich the product later.

2. Define the top-class set of product functionality. It should contain almost everything you want to have in your /service product as features.

3. Choose technologies you might use and estimate the costs. If you don’t have any competence, request qualified third-party developers. Discuss technologies options with the developers taking into account scalability.

4. Revise the “must have” set, decorate it with “desirable to have” features if your budget allows. Finally, it is your workable MVP to come.

5. Find and hire the developer, web designer or a dev team best matching to your requirements. To save costs the most suitable business solution is outsourcing to professionals.

Extra tip
Remember that any lean startup is cheaper than more qualitative it is!

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